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Creative Arts Easter School

Students from around Surrey and Hampshire attended an exciting programme as part of UCA Farnham’s Easter School 2018. Taking part in a series of creative workshops, students were encouraged to explore the self and created self-portraits in a variety of mediums, developing their research skills and creative techniques as they went.

Day 1 – Exploring the Self

On the first day, students explored the different ways in which artists create their own portraits using traditional art media, such as pens and paintbrushes, and non-traditional or found objects, such as stones, sticks, and straws. This experimentation aided them in moving away from the notion that self-portraits need to be a perfect or true replica of themselves.

Day 2 – Paper Weaving, Foiling, and Fabrics

Moving onto Textiles the next day, students were introduced to paper weaving, foiling, and fabric processes and used these new-found skills to design their own t-shirt inspired by their own work and other imagery found through research in UCA’s creative library.

Day 2 – Cubism & Sculptures

Focusing on the Cubism art movement, the students used artists like Picasso to inspire their self-portraits in clay and wire sculptures. Once the portraits were complete and left to dry the fun continued as they were asked to ‘play’ with the clay and wire to create additional work of their own choosing.

Day 3 – The Exhibition

The final morning allowed the students to add paint to their clay sculptures, which really brought them to life, and to do any additional work to their t-shirt designs. In the afternoon they set up their own exhibition of work and parents were invited to a Private View and afternoon tea to celebrate their achievements. The exhibition was also attended by Alan Cooke, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at UCA, who was impressed with the high-standard of work that had been produced.




Overall everyone had a fantastic time at the UCA Easter School and commented to staff that they had appreciated the freedom of creativity and thinking they had experienced during the week!

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