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HE Apprenticeship Day with BAE Systems

On Friday 20th April, Year 11 students from The Beacon School visited our partner, The North East Surrey College of Technology, for a day of higher education apprenticeships and BAE Combat Systems.

Information, Advice and Guidance

After an introduction from NESCOT's Deputy Principal, Maria Vetrone, students were given an IAG session on the differences between apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships, and degree apprenticeships from Nescot's Head of Apprenticeships, James Jennings. They also learned how long courses can take compared to university and how they would differ financially to the student.

BAE Combat Systems Workshop

This workshop begun with a brief presentation from 3 of Nescot's current higher apprentices who explained what BAE is and their roles within that. They touched on the length of the course, and that each year would have a different focus: Year 1 involves studying for a HNC, Years 2 and 3 involve studying for a HND, and the 4th year is entirely in the workplace.

This then transitioned into an interactive exercise to learn about the concepts needed to create a game. It was then down to the students to create their own game using software called Game Maker, using an area familiar to the students to help them understand these concepts, and incorporated 3 key elements of BAE: automation, detection, and elimination.

Apprentice Q&A

For their final session, students were introduced to 5 current Nescot apprentices, 3 from BAE whom they had met earlier, and 2 from their NextGen VFX course. The session begun with the apprentices sharing their own experiences of doing a HE apprenticeship to give the students more of an insight into how to balance work, studies, and social life. This was finished with a Q&A session where students has the opportunity to ask any questions they had for the apprentices.

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