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Making Robots at Bellfields

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Monday 11th of June 2018 (All day)

On Monday 11 June, Emilie from The University of Surrey and Hayleigh from The University for the Creative Arts visited Bellfield’s Youth Group for the latest in a series of workshops introducing the young people to new crafts and activities, all inspired by Higher Education options at HEON partner institutions. This time they made Drawing Robots!

Students attached a simple circuit consisting of a switched battery pack and a motor to a structure made built from felt tip pens and cardboard. They added a propeller and then let the robots do their thing! The resulting drawings are reminiscent of a Spirograph and show how creativity and technology can be incorporated to create art.

Everyone who took part was excited to build their own drawing robot (some even made two!) and were able to take them home afterwards. Here's one of the robots from the evening:



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