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Slime and Strawberries at Bellfield's Community Centre

On Monday 16th April, two of our HEON team members visited the young people at Bellfield’s Community Centre as part of a three month session plan. In this first session, “Slime and Strawberries”, students were able to take part in two activities: making their own slime, and extracting DNA from strawberries!

Making Slime

First, students were shown how to make slime from just four simple ingredients: PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda, contact lens solution and food colouring! This was a huge success, and students were able to use these ingredients to make a variety of colours and textures.

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Students were also offered the opportunity to extract DNA from strawberries, and one student took part, successfully extracting the DNA out of the solution and holding it on the end of a pipette!

Our Next Event!

Everyone was very engaged and we’re looking forward to attending out next session – Pizza Night!

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