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Subject-Specific Tasters

HEON are delighted to be able to offer your students a range of subject-specific tasters designed and run by our partner institutions, to allow them to get a feel for the courses they are interested in studying at higher education. These can be delivered on campus or in your school depending on the workshop, and also give students the opportunity to talk to Student Ambassadors about their experience. Workshops will be subject to availability.

Some of the tasters we can offer you:

University of Surrey

Legal Eagle Workshop (Years 9 – 13)

In this session, students will be introduced to the concept of studying Law, including thinking about future legal careers. Students will then apply their critical thinking skills to a number of legal dilemmas.

How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors (Year 9)

This workshop explores the mathematical patterns, puzzles and theories behind the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to explore the most effective way to win. Students will learn about probability whilst also being introduced to game theory.

Nationia Workshop (Years 9 – 13)

In this introduction to Politics and International relations, students will team up to govern a small imaginary country, and navigate through various challenges using their diplomacy and cooperation skills.

Cosmetic Chemical Engineering Taster (Years 9 – 13)

In this exciting workshop, students will discover the world of Engineering and look specifically at the role of a Chemical Engineer. This workshop is hands-on and each student will design and create their own bath bomb.

Royal Holloway, University of London

Why Study Psychology? (Years 10 – 13)

This session will introduce students to the subject of Psychology and the topics covered as part of the undergraduate degree. As well as engaging, active tasks, it will also include information on future careers in Psychology.

History at University (Years 9 – 13)

Through active learning and engaging discussion students will find out about what it is like to study History at university and the different types of History courses that can be found there. The session will also cover the skills that can be acquired and the careers that can be pursued with a History degree.

Learning Politics (Years 9 – 13)

A workshop with a number of active tasks to help students get a feel for what it is like to study Politics and International Relations at university. Activities can include games on International Trade, and exercises on re-writing state constitutions.

Studying Parliaments

As part of Parliament Week, Royal Holloway’s Politics and International Relations Department will be running an event about ‘Studying Parliaments’ on Wednesday 15th November, 13:00 – 17:00, for school students between 16 and 18. Interactive seminars will give students a flavour for comparing Parliaments and also the different ways of studying Parliament. More details to follow. Please contact HEON if you would like to register your interest.

North East Surrey College of Technology

Drama Workshop (Years 9 – 13)

Students will look at text and explore themes, language, and historical context and where it sits in today’s society. This will be explored in practice, using performance as a medium for engagement. They will explore movement, voice, and acting to gain greater knowledge of the subject matter.

Computing Workshop (Years 9 – 13)

Delivered by groups of ambassadors studying computing, this workshop aims to inspire students and inform them about the opportunities for careers and educational pathways in the computing and technology sectors.

Apprenticeship Taster

A one day event that will give students hands on experience by taking part in a range of workshops led by a national company. This event aims to provide students with all the information, advice, and guidance they need if they’re considering an apprenticeship.

University for the Creative Arts

Creative Careers Presentation

Tackling the misconceptions around what a Creative Career is, what the gains are, and how to start a creative journey, UCA’s Creative Careers Presentation aims to educate and inspire young people considering a career in a creative field. Click here for more information.

Portfolio Advice Presentation and Workshop

When applying to higher education, an impressive portfolio will help students to demonstrate their practical and creative ability, and give that extra edge to their application. Creating a portfolio is an opportunity to identify and refine their artistic aspirations and could be the key to securing the place they want on a pre-degree or degree course. This workshop aims to provide students with all of the information, advice, and guidance that they need to create their own portfolio.

Creative Workshops

UCA offer a wide range of creative workshops allowing students to experiment within a chosen discipline and create work to develop their skills and use as part of their portfolio. Some of the available workshops that are available to your students are "Bookbinding”, “Creature Generation”, and “Fashion Illustration”. For the full range of workshops and to book, please visit UCA’s website at www.uca.ac.uk/outreach/workshop-events. You can also visit our page by clicking here.

UCA are also able to consider bespoke workshop requests to tie in with your school curriculum on a case-by-case basis.

UCA Creative Arts Summer School

This four day non-residential Summer School is the perfect way to help support the development of students’ portfolios for FE or HE study. It is suitable for any students wanting to develop their creative skillset and/or are considering studying creative courses at college or university.

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