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Wednesday 10th of July 2019 09:00 to Friday 12th of July 2019 16:00

UCA Farnham
Falkner Road

The University of Creative Arts are hosting a series of exciting non-residential Summer Schools led by experienced creative practitioners and industry professionals. The Summer Schools will give you a chance to experience living and learning like a university student whilst building a portfolio of work.

The UCA Summer Schools are all subject specific, so they will be working within their chosen creative discipline for three days on projects culminating in an exhibition of work on the final day. It’s completely practical workshops, no seminars/lectures, as the learning is through doing. The subjects are confirmed and available to book at www.uca.ac.uk/summer-schools 

Have you ever wanted to create your own character? To try that character out onstage or on-screen?

An insight into Acting at UCA, is a three-day introduction to acting for stage and screen. It will prepare young performers to work in front of a camera and a live audience, while building your confidence in both. Using the core acting skills of movement and voice, you will work with a professional director to develop your characters from the outside in or the inside out. 

UCA will also be running a separate Summer School for each of the following subjects (location in brackets):

Acting & Performance (Farnham) Advertising & Branding (Epsom) Architecture (Canterbury)
Animation (Farnham) Fashion Business (Epsom) Creative Computing: Make Some Noise (Canterbury)
Ceramics (Farnham) Fashion Design: Corset Making (Epsom) Fashion Textiles (Rochester)
Illustration (Farnham) Graphics (Epsom) Photography (Rochester)
Textiles (Farnham)    

HEON target students are eligible to attend any UCA summer school regardless of campus (as long as they are able to get there!) Get in touch with us today if your interested in a specific subject.

What can you do on a Summer School?

The best thing about a Summer School is the chance to experience what life is like at university including going to a variety of different subject tasters. These are delivered in many formats and can include practical workshops and seminars, all of which are highly engaging and interactive to give a real sense of what the subject would be like at a higher educational level. These taster sessions then act as a platform to discuss different pathways and career options in those subject areas, as well as the application process and detailed financial information.

How will the Summer School benefit me?

1. Increased self-confidence

Successfully completing a Summer School course might be a great way to prove that you are a capable, self-reliant individual. The short-term experience offers enough insight into a student’s life and will challenge you to dream higher. The activities will help you access your true potential, silence your self-doubts and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

2. Tend to your specific educational needs

Summer Schools provide plenty of options that will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Even if you don’t really know what you would like to learn, browsing through an extensive list of courses might inspire you to try out new study opportunities.

3. Understand independent learning

Our summer school meets these complex needs by placing a heavier emphasis on skill development and stimulating curiosity, creativity and self-reliance.

4. Upgrade to an impressive CV

As any extracurricular activity, a Summer School proves your level of commitment to your own development and willingness to go the extra mile. List the skills you gained during summer school and how they helped you perform better in a variety of settings. These advantages will make a positive impression no matter what career path you choose to follow. The extra preparation will likely contribute to better grades and access to better universities.

5. Intensive and interactive learning environment

The Summer School will provide a focused academic environment with smaller classes and fewer learning hours. You will immerse yourself in a subject and gain a solid grounding in the subject matter. A higher level of interaction offer you the chance to ask teachers for detailed information and participate in class discussions.

6. Make new friends

The welcoming and highly interactive study environment typical for a summer school is the perfect setting for making a lot of new friends. Start long-lasting relationships by interacting with your classmates and participating in social events. Even shyer students will have an easier time opening up, thanks to the friendly atmosphere, the shared interests of the participants, the small study groups and the acceptance of diversity.

7. Get inspired

Students may choose a summer programme for very different reasons, some students may simply want to engage in a Summer School to occupy their time during the long summer holiday. Everyone can benefit from a fresh idea, and a Summer School is the perfect place to find more than a few.

8. Have lots of fun

Summer Schools can also be a very entertaining experience. Innovative class activities are great social icebreakers in addition to other great opportunities to interact with like-minded bright students. Participate in special events, parties and trips that will make your summer school experience unforgettable.

Why do we do organise Summer Schools for students?

We recognise the importance of imparting a positive social attitude around university life to help them see all of the positive aspects of university, and also to reassure them that there is help and support available once they join.

Why go on the UCA Summer School?

Previous Summer Schools have been a huge success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback in all areas.

Last year they held experimental drawing classes:

Photography sessions:

Screen printing sesions:

How do I apply to the UCA Summer School?

Find out if you are eligible for the Summer School,- we are taking applications from students aged 16-18. Further details are available here where you can find out if you are eligible to attend.

To apply for the insight into Acting Summer School at UCA please click this link 

The Summer School is free to attend if you are allocated a place.

Subject-specific Summer Schools will run on the 10-12 July - with specific subjects to be confirmed soon. HEON are supporting the UCA Summer Schools at Epsom 3-5th July and Farnham 10-12th July.

If an applicant has been offered a space they will hear back as soon as possible with any news.

To apply for the insight into Acting Summer School at UCA please click this link 


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