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Year 9 Higher Education Taster at FCOT

Year 9 students from Alderwood Senior School and Fernhill School visited our partner, Farnborough College of Technology, for an afternoon of Higher Education, Sport Science, and Forensics.

Information, Advice and Guidance

Students were given a brief IAG session where they explored the different routes available to them after A Levels or other Level 3 qualifications, including the huge variety of courses on offer across the country. They also answered some fun true or false questions relating to university to dispel myths and learn more about university life.

Sport Science Workshop - What is an energy drink and why do we need them?

In their next workshop, students watched a video that showed the effects not having enough energy for exercise can have on the body to learn about what energy drinks do, and why they're made. Students were then given a range of ingredients and the opportunity to make their own energy drink!

One of the Sport Science lecturers from the university, Guy Guppy, did a 'taste test' of all the drinks the students had made, and then talked to the students about what's contained in an average energy drink, giving a breakdown of ingredients and explaining their use.

"I didn't know what Sport Science was and now I know what it's all about" - Student, Alderwood Senior School

Forensic Science Workshop - Was the suspect at the crime scene?

For their final session, students were introduced to Forensic Science, and what organisations make use of it. Students were given a scenario where they had to determine whether the accused suspect was at a particular crime scene. 

The students split into two groups, with one heading to the science laboratory to test particles that were found at the crime scene and on the suspect's clothing, their goal: to determine if the particles matched. Meanwhile, the second group analysed fingerprints, viewing samples from the scene of the crime, and comparing them to the suspect's. The group unanimously decided that the evidence did suggest that the accused was at the crime scene!

"FCOT is a really positive place - I can do degrees there!" - Student, Fernhill School


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