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University Centre Farnborough

The University Centre Farnborough is based at Farnborough College of Technology, and provides high quality degrees that are validated and awarded by its partner, the University of Surrey.

The variety of academic subjects and course structures offer students from all backgrounds a real range of options. Different courses can last between 1 and 3 years, and include:

  • Three Year Bachelor’s Honours Degrees – three year degree qualifications awarded as a BA (Arts), BSc (Sciences) or BEng (Engineering)
  • Two year Bachelor’s Fast-Track Joint Honours Degrees – the content of a Three Year Bachelor’s course taken intensively in only two years
  • Two Year Foundation Degrees – equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree, focused on vocational elements
  • One Year Top-up Degrees – can be taken to convert a Foundation Degree or HND to a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons)
  • HNC & HND – career-specific, equivalent to either the first or second year of a Bachelor’s Degree

University Centre Farnborough

This video helps to create a snapshot of the different aspects of the Farnborough College. Look at the exciting work and activities that are available for students. 

Click the image and the video will show you the exciting activities that students from 2018 got up to whilst studying at Farnborough,

More Information

Find out more on The University Centre Farnborough website and their Higher Education webpages

Alternatively, email the team here: info@farn-ct.ac.uk 

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