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Webinars for Teachers & Advisors

A programme of webinars have been created by the Southern Collaborative Networks, made up of ten National Networks for Collaborative Outreach (NNCO) dedicated to improving access to higher education.

For more information or to find your local NNCO please visit www.hefce.ac.uk/sas/nnco/.


The Programme: 

Please find below the 13 webinars. Where possible the titles of each session are hyperlinked to take you directly to the recording. We will update this page to link to all the webinars as they become available.

Webinars will take place from 4pm to 5pm on a variety of dates from January 2016 onwards. They are free to participate in online - all you need is a computer with internet access and some speakers.

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View the Webinar Programme for full information on dates and topics

Register for your chosen webinars using the online registration form at bit.ly/HEwebinars

If you have any general queries about the webinar programme, you can email info@studyhigher.ac.uk or contact HEON directly

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